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A recap of the month.

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November On The Go!

At times I feel as though I am superwoman as I am able to clean the house, including dusting, bake some bread and get some...

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October On The Go!

Are you applauded when you walk into a room? I am. It’s one of those humorous things our eleven month old does. When she wakes up, she sits herself up and then she claps or when I come into a room, she claps.

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September On The Go!

The seasons are coming and going and it seems like just yesterday we brought our baby home. We had to buy her first pair of shoes this month because she’s definitely on the verge of those first few steps without help. She’s 10 months old now and every day is just so enlightening. It’s wondrous to watch someone experience something new almost every day and to realize that she’s having a billion firsts.


August On The Go!

This month my toes were getting antsy. I needed to get out of Seoul and do something. It’s been a long summer of not attending...

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What’s A Mother To Do? No Changing Tables In Korea

It’s fairly easy to take her out without causing much of a scene, but one thing I’ve noticed again and again is that wherever we go, if she were to need a changing, there wouldn’t be anywhere to do it. Bathrooms just aren’t equipped with the necessary changing table and though in the past five years bathrooms around Seoul have generally seen a big upgrade in cleanliness, they are far from clean enough to change a baby if there isn’t a changing table available. What’s a mother to do?

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June On The Go!

Mama dove back into working this month. I haven’t been a full time worker for at least a year and I wasn’t about to jump...

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May On The Go!

At six months of age, the little one decided it was time to sit us down and have a discussion about her freedoms and rights....

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April On The Go!

Though I’ve enjoyed my time in Korea and living here, I need a break every so often just to unwind and remember who I am, where I come from and what I’m doing and this trip was apparently sorely needed though I hadn’t realized it. Ohio how I miss you… and I didn’t even know it. Thanks for the good times.

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March On The Go!

March was warmly welcomed in our house as the sun started to shine brighter heating up the breezes that were blowing and the flowers finally started to blossom. They blossomed just in time too because we headed to the States at the end of March, and are still here, to introduce the baby to our family overseas.

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February On The Go!

This month was a great month for The Soul of Seoul Tours. We had our first tourists book with us that weren’t our friends, friends...