Nest Hotel: A Modernist Design Lovers Dream In Incheon

Looking to have a weekend away without much fuss and loads of chic and modern aesthetic appeal, I began my search by checking the Design Hotels properties in Korea knowing that they have properties around the world that are amazingly interesting to stay in.

The Design Hotels Group is an exclusive collection of 250 hotels around the world. I was happily surprised to find two listed in Korea: Nest Hotel in Incheon and Glad Hotel in Yeouido. Like I said, I was looking for a weekend “away” so I opted to check out Nest in Incheon to get my family and I out of the city for a few days.

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Nest Hotel, Incheon, Korea

Nest Hotel was the first Design Hotels property in Korea and sits just 15 minutes from Incheon Airport on Yeongjongdo Island.

The hotel designed by JOH & Company features 370 rooms in a cubist-meets-modernist design that maximizes the views of the Yellow Sea that surround the hotel. This is a minimalist hotel set up for the visitor looking for a retreat from the city or a rest before or after a long haul trip. Young couples with and without children are found strolling the grounds in designer duds and international pilots and stewardesses can be seen often dining together and taking a break from their airline duties. From a spa and sauna to a mini-theater, a gorgeous dining room with floor to ceiling windows for amazing sunrise and sunset viewing during meals, this is an exquisite spot to just breathe, relax and rejuvenate.Nest Hotel, Incheon, Korea Nest Hotel, Incheon, Korea

I personally love hotels that are designed to maximize space while also keeping aesthetically appealing ideas in mind and this does all that and more.

The hotel’s exterior is a bit boding when first pulling in. The concrete walls pierce the sky and it’s difficult to tell at first glance if this is a hotel or a prison of some sort. The expansive lobby bursts that idea though with black stone tile and a dark interior that is somehow extremely bright while moody at the same time. The designers took inspiration from German architecture and I would say, got the feeling just right. The restaurant just off the lobby is The Platz and offers a buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner. This room is the brightest of the entire space and is juxtaposed very well against the darker lobby. There is also a lounge with books, computers, leather chairs and a bar off the lobby as well if you just don’t want to hang out in your room… though once you get to your room, you’d probably want to stay there.Nest Hotel, Incheon, Korea

Don’t miss a stay at this industrial yet elegant hotel in Incheon, Korea.

Nest Hotel, Incheon, Korea

Upon entrance to our Deluxe Double, we noticed the position of the bed first as it’s not against the wall like most hotels but is placed in such a way as to maximize views of the sea throughout the day. While it might seem odd to have a bed this way, the designer was able to include a desk and spacious seating area without making it seem awkward. Not only that, but going to sleep and waking to views of the sea, the sky and the sun is probably the most Zen thing one can do and truly allowed for that weekend away feeling we were on the hunt for. This set up was also much more appealing and made the flow of the room so much more comfortable as well.Nest Hotel, Incheon, Korea Nest Hotel, Incheon, Korea Nest Hotel, Incheon, Korea

The natural hues of the room coupled with the natural stone, concrete, and wood added to the calming demeanor that the entire hotel espoused from the lobby to the top floor.

The architecture firm went after a “nest-like concept”, hence the name, and definitely pulled off a rather melancholy but cozy atmosphere. Even the hallways add to the experience. The walls along the corridors are not straight like most but rather bend in and out and are a bit dark which makes the natural light that fills the rooms when entering that much brighter. The rooms are equipped with three lighting systems so you can choose what best fits your mood and even the bathroom is well designed. One of the most interesting parts of the bathroom for me was a door that worked two ways rather than making it necessary to have two doors. It could swing out to cut off the entire bathroom area from the main room or it could swing in in order to partition off just the WC. Intricate and smart design is just something I adore about design hotels. A substantial closet was also placed in the bathroom area to keep things tidy and the bathtub was large enough for one mother to take a soothing bath and for one baby to take a swimming bubble fun bath in too. The room was so nice, it was almost difficult to leave.

Nest Hotel, Incheon, KoreaNest Hotel, Incheon, KoreaNest Hotel, Incheon, Korea

While the design of the hotel drew me in, it was the staff and the child friendly attitude that absolutely made me adore this hotel.

Child Friendly, Parent Approved: As I mentioned previously, there were numerous young couples on romantic getaways but there were also young couples with children all around as well. The hotel caters to these fun loving still getting out and about families by offering a large Kid’s Zone on the main floor as well as a playground and swing set outside. There is also a small sand area that the kids just seemed to love. Having these areas also means that fun loving child rearing parents and noisy children won’t be a bother to the romantic couples strolling the paths. While I love to get away, I never want to be a loud mama with a squealing happy child that ruins the atmosphere for someone else that wants a quieter experience. It’s nice to have these zones already in place to keep everyone happy about their stay. The staff was friendly and many of them took the time to say hello to our little one and to check that we were enjoying our stay. It’s one of those places you’ll definitely want to keep going back to if you can.

Nest Hotel, Incheon, Korea

The industrial facade manages to house an elegant and chic interior that proves comfortable in all the right ways. From jetsetter to expectant mother, pilot to businessman, this will relax anyone and I highly recommend a stay at Nest Hotel in Incheon, Korea.

Nest Hotel

19-5 Yeongjonghaeannam-ro, Deokgyo-dong, Jung-gu, Incheon, Korea 400-340
From Incheon Airport, take the complimentary Nest Hotel Shuttle outside of gate 14C. The shuttle takes 15 minutes and runs every 45 minutes from 6:15am until 10:45pm.
Another option would be to take the Maglev Line Train (AREX) from Incheon Airport that can be found at the 2nd floor transportation center and go to Yongyu Station. The hotel is just outside of the station.
Phone: 032-743-9000

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8 Responses

  1. Shane Prather says:

    I kind of really dig the concrete and prison-like aesthetics. It really balances out the clean, fresh interior.

  2. Ami Bhat says:

    Quite contemporary and spacious hotel. The rooms look quite comfortable and nice too. Glad that it is child friendly as well. Well reviewed

  3. The prison-like aesthetics is still good for Instagram posts especially if you are wearing a vibrant dress. I agree with you, the hotel is really elegant! I think the location of this hotel is good for those travelers who are too tired to travel to Seoul after a long flight.

  4. ravenoustravellers says:

    Love the hotel’s contemporary style, it looks so stylish and modern, especially the Lobby area. We are hoping to spend a weekend in Incheon soon, I heard there is a huge China Town there? Will have to keep this hotel in mind for our visit!

    • Hallie says:

      China Town, the Incheon Art Platform and Fairytale village are all within a three block area and easily doable in one day. I’ll be putting up an itinerary for the area soon. But definitely try to do all three at the same time.

  5. Bhushavali says:

    The hotel looks so quirky and cool! The triangular balconies, the angles of the windows and those lampshades are just the perfect way to enhance the quirkiness of the hotel! A sea view room? That’s awesome!

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