Can I See Snow In Seoul In The Winter?

Can I see snow in Seoul this winter?Snow in Seoul, World Cup Park, Seoul, KoreaI cannot count the number of times I’ve seen this question pop up in my inbox and EVERY time, I wonder, what makes me look like a weatherperson?

Sure, it’s a good question and I guess I’d probably wonder the same thing and since I’ve been living in Korea for ten years, maybe I seem like a good person to ask. Alas, I can never accurately answer the question due to the fact that I just don’t know.

But here is what I DO know:

Each year, the first snowfall in Seoul happens in late November or early December. If you’re here then, you might be lucky to see it. However, that is just a snowfall and it may or may not stick. The thing is, snow falls in Seoul, it just only really sticks and makes for gorgeous winter wonderland scenes once or twice a winter. If it happens more than that… we’re having a good winter in Seoul.

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When it does snow in Seoul, it’s pretty gorgeous. This past week, the snowflakes fell and managed to stick and the white winter wonderland that can usually only be found on the outskirts and into the countryside of Seoul was upon us city dwellers. What wonders the flakes of snow can do to a place. Seoul isn’t a wasteland by any means, but in the winter the frigid gusts of wind blowing between tall buildings downtown and the bare trees dotting the forests can make one feel as though she chose the wrong place to live. Once that powdery white blanket falls though, the whole scene changes.

One of the few reasons I appreciate winter, but by far the best one, is snow.

Snow in Seoul, World Cup Park, Seoul, KoreaWhen that snow does fall, there are numerous places that photographers love to head. Downtown, people race to the palaces to get those few shots of a Korean palace against a white backdrop that they can each winter. If you live in Mapo-gu near World Cup Stadium, then you might head to World Cup Park and walk down the beautiful meta-sequoia lined lane like I did or head up to Sky Park to get a different view than you usually can. With few others in the vicinity except for photographers hoping to get a good shot, it was the perfect place to spend the morning with snowflakes dazzling my eyes.

Another place to check out after it has snowed to get great views of the surrounding city from above is the Seoul Fortress Wall. If you hike the portion of the path just behind the president’s house, the path will be cleared and safely maintained due to police presence which makes it PERFECT to get up, get some views and get down again with ease and with amazingly beautiful white snowy sights.
Snow in Seoul, World Cup Park, Seoul, Korea

If you are visiting Seoul in the winter and want to ensure a glimpse of snow or really sink your boot covered feet into some, I suggest making plans to head out to the mountainous region of Gangwon-do.

Not only are the sights white and beautiful, but there are resorts that cater to the skiier, snowboarder and snow bunny, too. It’s not at all difficult to head east to the mountains, so pack a bag and see what you can see.

Snow in Seoul, World Cup Park, Seoul, Korea

Beep :: Important Winter Related Info :: Beep

Snow in Seoul, World Cup Park, Seoul, Korea

Winter in Korea is mighty cold and in the city the frigid frosts can freeze you to the core. Make sure you’re prepared for winter in Korea. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Bring a winter parka or coat. Just any ole’ jacket just won’t do. Be prepared for long walks outside:

Wear proper shoes or boots. A warm lining and thick soles to walk on ice and snow are super helpful and will keep your tootsies toasty:

Wear a good warm scarf because if you’re neck is uncovered, you’ll be cold no matter what!

Snow in Seoul, World Cup Park, Seoul, KoreaWinter in Korea is beautiful and if you’re in Seoul when it snows, the city can be gorgeous clothed in a powdery white cape covering everything.

Where is your favorite place to see the snow when it falls in Seoul?

Winter In Korea, When To See Snow in Seoul: One of my most frequently asked questions regards snowfall in Seoul. When to see snow, what to do in the winter in Korea and where to take pictures of snowflakes as they fall. Plan now to see snow in Seoul!

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  1. coming from a region which never, ever sees snowfall, Snow holds a great attraction for us. We try to travel to places up north near the Himalayas to catch the magic of snowfall. I know people who stay in regions which has snowfall sometimes see snow as a nuisance, but definitely not for us.

  2. looks captivating and beautiful in the snow. we have just returned from Europe where we experienced snow in a city for the first time ( australians) it was beautiful.

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