The Castle Hotel Straight Out Of Hell In Ohio

Hotels can stand out for numerous reasons and they’re usually pretty good about selling those positive attributes in just the right way to get just the right customers. From being the most luxurious in a region to the most historic or the tallest with the best view to the tiniest inn in town, there’s one for everyone. There’s the most expensive and the cheapest, three star to five star and more and they’ve all got one reason or another to draw attention.Landoll's Mohican Castle, Mohican State Park, Loudonville, Ohio, USA

This autumn, I was in search of some unique stays in Ohio, USA and came across castles. I had never known there to be castles in Ohio and of course this piqued my interest and so the search began which eventually landed me on the Landoll Castle in Loudonville, Ohio.

This is certainly not the oldest nor the biggest of castles in Ohio BUT it is straight out of hell.

The castle was recently featured on the television show Hotel Hell with Gordon Ramsay stepping in to give his two cents on what needed to be done in order to rectify a bad situation and that’s where the story begins…

Hotel Hell Backstory: Husband and wife Jim and Marta once owned a printing company that they sold. They used the money to build a $6 million castle and restaurant. Two years after being built the restaurant burnt down just after their insurance had lapsed which led to stress, a divorce, the retirement of Jim and more. While Marta took on the reins of the hotel and restaurant though she had no experience in the hospitality industry and her son Jimmy became the General Manager, they were ill prepared for running a hotel and inn. While Landoll’s Castle was getting booked for stays, likely due to the uniqueness of a castle stay, they were most certainly letting down their customers in numerous ways. Gordon Ramsay noted at least a dozen issues and by the end of the episode, the castle is on the right track to making money and pleasing their patrons.Landoll's Mohican Castle, Mohican State Park, Loudonville, Ohio, USA

Having watched the episode of Hotel Hell to get some backstory, I was prepared. I’ve always wanted to visit a restaurant or hotel or just anything that had undergone a makeover on TV. Is it real? Do the lessons stick? What happens afterward?Landoll's Mohican Castle, Mohican State Park, Loudonville, Ohio, USA

Getting There: Finding the castle takes some twists and turns and the staff will recommend NOT to use GPS as the systems get a little confused out in the region. We went old school with paper and pen written MapQuest style directions and that worked out quite well. There are signs at each turn for the castle, simply labeled “castle” and following them will get anyone there. I’d recommend arriving before nightfall though as once it’s dark, it is REALLY dark out in the woods.

The Room: The castle itself is pretty amazing to see. The structure is interesting and the rooms seem to be separated by little walkways and stairways here and there so that you feel as though you’re in your own wing of the castle during your stay. With so many rooms and doorways and walkways, it was helpful to have the staff show us to our room the first time. The decor in the room was lush with wooden and metal accents definitely fitting to a castle ambiance. Our room was spacious with a large bed, a seating area and TV and a kitchenette. There was a bathroom and shower and then a separate smaller room with a whirlpool bath. The closet was stocked with very comfortable robes and towels and the fridge had a European style saran wrapped breakfast dish the next morning. Music was playing on a CD player when we entered. Hotel staff provided us with an information sheet and directions for our stay along with a key to get into our room which we fell right into for a comfortable rest before heading out again.Landoll's Mohican Castle, Mohican State Park, Loudonville, Ohio, USA


The Restaurant: Because Gordon Ramsay is a well known chef, it seemed obvious enough that there would be much focus on the restaurant in the episode and so we were also interested in how the food was still being churned out. The decor, that was redone on the show, was beautiful and inviting. The vibrant red really warmed up the space and the decoration was simple but chic. We ordered some house wine and a bottle of local beer to drink, a seasonal salmon and beet salad and a pork dish with a PB&J for the toddler tagging along was ordered up too. During the week, there were only a few tables of people in the restaurant and a very helpful waitress hopping from table to table. I thought the food was good, my salmon was a little dry, but the pork chop was very good though my husband thought there was an excess of green beans on the plate. I did think it was much better than what Ramsay had likely run into before he went though. The chef came out to greet the tables of patrons and kindly listened and chatted with everyone in the room. The restaurant doesn’t give off the castle vibe like the rooms, but most people probably don’t want a Renaissance Festival feel to their meal anyway. It was nice to have the exquisite restaurant on the grounds within walking distance and nicely seasoned food to sup on.Landoll's Mohican Castle, Mohican State Park, Loudonville, Ohio, USA

The Staff: The staff at the desk, in the restaurant and on the grounds was helpful and kind and greeted us as we took in the grounds and enjoyed looking around the castle itself. The desk staff also helped us with directions for outings and what to see in the area as well as what to take in at the castle itself.

Landoll's Mohican Castle, Mohican State Park, Loudonville, Ohio, USA: Landoll's Mohican Castle in Loudonville, Ohio, USA is straight out of hell! Having been featured on Hotel Hell, this stay in an off the beaten path region of Ohio has gotten the Gordon Ramsay make-over... but is it still hell to stay there?Pros:

  • Off the beaten path. A castle to sleep in is a pretty unique place to stay and talk with others about.
  • Quiet grounds around the hotel to walk around and enjoy nature without traffic and crowds.
  • Spacious and lush rooms.
  • Great staff with helpful information.
  • Space to be disconnected.


  • No wifi in the rooms.
  • Some of the staircases to the spires and lookouts seemed like they needed a little upkeep to make sure they’re sturdy.
  • Other restaurants, etc not within walking distance.

Landoll’s Mohican Castle


561 Twp. Rd. 3352

Loudonville, Ohio 44842, USA

Phone: 1-419-994-3427


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6 Responses

  1. Thanks for this overview – really interesting to have visited after having watched the episode – I’m glad to hear that the castle is on the right track after the Gordon Ramsey intervention. It can be really difficult jumping into the hospitality industry with no experience or idea of how to run a property.

  2. carmyy says:

    Kind of really love Gordon Ramsey so I loved watching Hotel Hell! I love the exterior building with the winding staircase around it. I’m not sure if I can survive in a hotel without wifi though… kind of important for our line of work 😉

    • Hallie says:

      Yeah, no kidding! I was surprised there wasn’t Wifi.. seemed like there would be. There was some in the lobby, but I usually do my email catch up and things in the evening and sitting in a lobby to do it, isn’t very ideal. Was nice to be forced to be disconnected as it can be though.

  3. Hahaha! I was so confused as to why it was straight out of hell! Catchy title, I HAD to find out why! The rooms look awesome, but I’m pretty surprised that there isn’t wifi. Sometimes that’s nice because it allows you to truly relax, but as a blogger, the time I’m in my room is the time I spend working! (I’m sure you can relate!) Cheers!

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