Lights, Art & Interaction: The Future Of Theme Parks At Team Lab World In Seoul

TeamLab World, Jamsil, Seoul, Korea: Interactive Art MuseumteamLab World just opened in August and it is mesmerizing in the best immersive way.

The interactive play place is fun for children and adults and has activities in every corner of the space appealing to the eyes at every turn. Upon entrance, guests are thrust into the depths of a futuristic fun world. Guides in each space invite everyone to partake in the fun by playing, exploring and learning through movement, drawing, hopping, jumping, skipping, sliding and all other haphazard methods that could lead to exploration and amusement.

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TeamLab World, Jamsil, Seoul, Korea: Interactive Art Museum

The first room is a combination of flower and butterfly illuminations. “Flowers and People Cannot be Controlled but Live Together, A Whole Year per Year” showcases flowers growing and changing from stem to bud to blossom until they wither and fade away. This cycle perpetually continues but the interesting part about this room is that it works off of the proximity to the viewer meaning if the viewer touches the wall, the flowers in that location will wither so that new flowers will sprout from where the hand rests and same with the feet on the floor. It’s like the movies where a fairy steps as as she steps, plants grow from each beautiful touch she makes.

Also in the first room is “Flutter of Butterflies Beyond Borders” where the butterflies initially come from some panels on the wall but without issue, they flutter right into the nearby installations as if there were no boundaries stopping them.

This first room is truly stunning and really allows the visitor to get a feel for the amazing experience that is in store.TeamLab World, Jamsil, Seoul, Korea: Interactive Art Museum

The next room let’s the child out in all of us by asking everyone to sit down and color for a bit. Walls like an aquarium surround the coloring space and after looking closely it’s clear why we are coloring. Visitors in the “Sketch Aquarium” color in jellyfish and other sea life and as soon as they are completed the drawing is placed under a scanner where it immediately comes to life on screen in the aquarium. It literally floats onto the screen from where the scanner sits too so it’s truly as if our imagination is coming to life. Once on the screen they swim around with the other fish of the sea but that’s not where the fun ends. The screen is also interactive. When touched the fish will swim towards or away from different items. You just have to seek and find those items.

The “Story Of the Time When Gods Were Still Everywhere” is next and if no one has touched it, it looks rather innocuous and innocent enough.

Symbols float on the screen but the magic happens when the symbols are touched. This is great fun for children as they race around trying to get all of the symbols. Shooting forth from the symbols come fire, water, large elephants stampeding and birds flying, sheep running away from wolves and more. TeamLab World, Jamsil, Seoul, Korea: Interactive Art Museum

From here, a pathway leads down to the “Light Ball Orchestra”, a slide big enough for adults to play on and a massive projection of a whale that flies/swims around the floor and ceiling. From this location one can see most of the space and get a good idea of what to do and where to go.

TeamLab World, Jamsil, Seoul, Korea: Interactive Art Museum

After sliding, small tunnels for the little people and walkways for the adults lead to “A Table Where Little People Live” and “Connecting! Train Block”. Each table has items and when they are moved, the scene on the table adjusts and lights up. The square blocks connect to form roadways with cars and buses that appear and drive by while the round block calls the attention of a helicopter that will zoom to your location. It’s like drawing a map for city planning on a small kiddie fun scale.

The next sketch area allows visitors to color trains, cars, buses, UFOs and more modes of transport. Similar to the previous interactive aquarium. These images will be scanned once completed in a matter of seconds so they can be seen zipping around the colorful and whimsical streets of Seoul. Watch out though! A giant dragon may also appear at times and if you touch the cars, they honk and beep and make other responses. Opposite this zone is an interactive hopscotch area. Through touch screens, visitors make their own hopscotch route and then go to the beginning of the lit platform to jump their way across beneath the flying birds, falling petals and trees above. The hopscotch squares, triangles and circles disappear when jumped on which is mighty fun for little ones to test their eye/feet coordination and it’s also mighty difficult to get them away once they’ve figured out how to play on it.

TeamLab World, Jamsil, Seoul, Korea: Interactive Art Museum

From here, the interactions become more calming as if to say, “you’ll be leaving soon and we hope you enjoyed your stay.” The “100 Years Sea Animation Diorama” is a mesmerizing room of waves lapping and with large comfortable pillows on the ground to sit on, it wouldn’t be a fetch to think people could fall asleep after all of the fun.

TeamLab World, Jamsil, Seoul, Korea: Interactive Art Museum

Round the corner and the last scene is probably the most picturesque installations of all of them. After entering the “Crystal Universe” there is no chance of returning, so if you’re ready to leave, this is the beautiful way to go.TeamLab World, Jamsil, Seoul, Korea: Interactive Art Museum TeamLab World, Jamsil, Seoul, Korea: Interactive Art Museum

TeamLab World, Jamsil, Seoul, Korea: Interactive Art Museum

TeamLab World, Jamsil, Seoul, Korea: Interactive Art MuseumPROS:

  • Kid friendly, adult friendly and all kinds of friendly and fun.
  • Very cool and different kind of activity to do with children, on a date or with friends.
  • Easy to get to located in Lotte World and signs available in English everywhere.
  • Because it’s a bit pricey, it does NOT have the crowds like other activities like this.
  • English & Korean signage inside with directions available.


  • A bit more expensive than most other activities that take a similar amount of time.
  • No food or drinks inside which is fine for most but not peckish toddlers.

TeamLab World

Lights, Art & Interaction: The Future Of Theme Parks in Seoul, Korea: TeamLab World is mesmerizing in the best immersive way. This interactive exploratory fun world is the future of theme parks. Lights, Art & Interaction in Seoul, Korea.Address:

Lotte World, 240 Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea


by subway: Jamsil (Songpa-gu Office) Station, exit 4 and follow signs to Lotte World Adventure underground passage. TeamLab is located on the B1 floor.

Hours: 10:00am ~ 9:00pm

Admission: Children 25 months and younger free with valid proof (photo of birth certificate or ID will work); Children 25 months ~ 12 years: W24,000; Adults 13 ~ 64: W20,000; People with disabilities, seniors OR veterans: W12,000 with valid document

Amenities: multi-purpose restrooms; baby changing tables, wheelchair access


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