CaFace: A Selfie Obsession Of The Latte Variety

In a selfie obsessed world, why not dive in and start sticking that face on every other thing under the sun including the latte that you savor in the cafe up the road?

I’m not anti selfie, do NOT get me wrong. I’ve been known to take a few. Hey, I took a selfie of myself holding a latte with a selfied photo of me in this here post. How often can one even do that? I dare say the chances are slim that most will ever be able to do this but if you’re in Seoul, then you’ve got better chances than most. A cafe with the sole mission of satiating that selfie urge while serving up coffee is on the scene in no better place than Hongdae, the district of cool hipster joints, live music mayhem and restaurants, bars and more galore.

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CaFace, Selfie Cafe, Hongdae, Seoul, Korea: Hallie BradleyCaFace, a cafe that clearly jumped on the bandwagon of trying to smash two words together to come up with one “cool” name, sits just meters away from the busy shopping street allowing for the perfect quick latte stop while out and about. It doesn’t take long, and even less time for those selfie pros out there, to order, take a selfie, be seated and see that beautiful face staring right back at you as if a mirror were just placed on a coffee lid.

Are you visiting Seoul soon to see all of the quirky fun hot spots like this? Make sure you know where to stay! The best places in the hopping Hongdae district include: The Hongdae Designers Hotel and the Marigold Hotel right where all of the action is happening. CaFace, Selfie Cafe, Hongdae, Seoul, Korea

The menu offers up a wide variety of beverages and that gorgeous face can top off almost any of them. From coffees and frappuccinos to juices and smoothies too, it serves up what you’re waiting for. The “picture lattes” are best enjoyed cold as they yield the best results, though a hot one is also an option. Drinks average out around W5,500 and then an additional W2,200 is charged to print and add that edible selfie foam. After ordering, customers are directed around the counter to a photo booth to take that selfie in private, though what selfie obsessed fan doesn’t love doing it out and about for all to see? Let’s be real. After the selfie has been taken, take a seat in the simple and modern cafe. The white subway tiled walls, white seats and clear chairs make for the perfect backdrop for even more selfies to be taken while waiting for that selfie refreshment. (Note the restaurant has some Halloween decorations added in the photo below that aren’t usually there.)CaFace, Selfie Cafe, Hongdae, Seoul, Korea: Hallie BradleyThe foam was a tastier treat then I had imagined. A thicker froth than most latte foam tops, this concoction was sweet and had a creamy texture that was rather pleasing. Mixing it all in and enjoying the drink was fun too. The cafe’s unique concept and decor make it a quirky stop along the way in Hongdae that should not be missed.

It takes all of thirty minutes to order, selfie it up, sit, selfie it up some more and then savor.CaFace, Selfie Cafe, Hongdae, Seoul, Korea



서울시 마포구 서교동 358-51

358-51 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul

Directions: Out of Hongik University Subway Station, exit 9 walk straight and turn left at the first intersection with a light after crossing the street. At the third street on your right (Hongdae shopping street), turn right. CaFace can be found down the third alley on the left. Visible from the shopping street.

Hours: 1:00pm~11:00pm, Everyday

Phone: 02-3144-8756



CaFace, A Selfie Obsession Of The Latte Variety: Hongdae, Seoul, Korea: In a selfie obsessed world and especially on the selfie loving peninsula of Korea, it's no surprise that a cafe has figured out a way to stick an edible selfie froth on a latte. This quirky cafe in Hongdae, Seoul, Korea is NOT to be missed. Must see for fun in Seoul.

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4 Responses

  1. Candy says:

    omg! This is so fun. I wonder if this would be popular in the US. I’ve never been to Korea, but I definitely wouldn’t mind stopping by here to get me that selfie latte 🙂

  2. Laura says:

    This place seems like such a fun place to hang. Too cute; only in Korea can one get something like this! One thing is for certain: the people there love a good selfie in comparison to elsewhere in the world I’ve traveled/lived! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Sarah Kim says:

    Wow. Seoul takes selfies to a whole other level. It was so interesting to see when I was there this summer. Must’ve been fun to drink your face though lol!

  4. carmyy says:

    Whoa! I would love a drink with my face on it! Another reason to visit Korea haha! If only this was in Canada! So far all we’ve got is latte art with cats and leaves.

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