November On The Go!

At times I feel as though I am superwoman as I am able to clean the house, including dusting, bake some bread and get some work done too while at other times I realize there just isn’t enough time in the day. This month I was only able to post three times. Three! Where did the time go, I thought to¬†myself. I think most of the time was spent trying to spend as much time as we could outside before it gets unbearably cold. While the babe loves the park and the swings and all of the fun with the neighborhood friends there, I doubt she will like it so much when her lips are frozen. The first snowfall just hit this past week and I am just so NOT ready to head back into winter, so here are some pretty pictures of autumn colors.

While I may not have posted much, I was able to bring friends together to celebrate the babe’s big O-N-E! And turning one also means she had to get an MMR shot, this month was also flu shot time and she had a separate health check which meant trips to the doctor’s office almost once a week. She took all of the shots, pokes and prods in style though and had a swell time at her birthday bash. We decided to keep it small and just invite some close foreign friends over to our house. She had her first carrot cake WITH icing and even got into opening presents once she realized everyone would applaud each time she opened something. Pretty confused about what that whole “Happy Birthday” song was about, she sat there looking around the room seemingly trying to figure out why she was the only one that didn’t know the lyrics until it was just about done and then she started movin’ and groovin’. Of course that led to laughter and applause and so she continued showing off her dance moves as she sat in her highchair tearing apart the piece of cake before her.

My mother-in-law came up for a day in the beginning of November to see how everyone was doing and to give our baby, who is not such a baby anymore, her first Hanbok. They’re really so adorable in their little Hanboks and I’ll be sure to get her wearing this a few more times. After much playful fun and merriment, our mother-in-law went back to Gimhae and then we planned a small get-together with our Korean friends and their babies. Three of the babies have birthdays within two weeks of each other so it was a birthday bash for all of them. What could have been more fun than that?

I’ll hopefully get back to posting with some regularity. Thanks to all of the readers that don’t mind waiting a bit longer these days for posts.

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