September On The Go!

It’s amazing to me how time flies and with a baby it seems like time flies even faster.

The seasons are coming and going and it seems like just yesterday we brought our baby home. We had to buy her first pair of shoes this month because she’s definitely on the verge of those first few steps without help. She’s 10 months old now and every day is just so enlightening. It’s wondrous to watch someone experience something new almost every day and to realize that she’s having a billion firsts. I feel as though I’m repeating myself and I’ve typed this before but it is just gives me so much awe watching her.

We get into these monotonous rhythms of going to work or school, checking emails, taking selfies, sitting in cafes sipping vanilla lattes or whatever your jive is and we forget that there is an opportunity to do something new every day. Babies do that. They don’t know the way we know that they can experience something new, but they do it every day and their eyes light up and they are enlightened every day because of something. Just imagine if adults still did that… or at least if we set ourselves up to try and do that each and every day.

Yesterday, it was like our baby’s hand was some new thing. She watched it flit this way and that above her head and then she moved it down and caught it with her other hand and I wondered what she was processing. When’s the last time you looked at your hand and you just thought, “wow… I can write with this, eat with this, hold things, shake hands, pat and caress all with this hand”? You, like me, probably haven’t thought about how amazing your hand is in years or ever. But take a minute and do it. Think about your hand. Think about how amazing it is that you can control it and you can show love with it and you can use it to hold that latte or take that selfie.

Watching her when I take her to the park or to the stream as she finds things for the first time is amazing and it reminds me of when I take my husband home to the States in a way. The way he sees things there like the waddling geese that stop traffic and the grass in the backyard as funny and beautiful helps me to remember to be thankful for things that I have become accustomed to. Becoming accustomed to things doesn’t have to mean that things become boring though, we just have to remember to open our eyes a little wider and appreciate each and every little part of life, don’t we?

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My husband was right, those Canadian geese that many in my hometown find oh so annoying as they take over for a short time each fall and spring waddling across the street wagging their little behinds as they go is extremely humorous. Now, every time I am home and I see them, I’m not so annoyed but instead I use that brief stop I have to make on the road to be thankful for the cool air that has helped bring those geese to my hometown so that they could walk across my street and I could have that brief moment to chuckle at their little wagging tail feathers. I’m choosing to open my eyes wider and be to experience things as if they are happening for the first time because it helps me to notice more and be even more thankful for this life that I am leading.

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