Yeonji Park’s Lake in Gimhae

Gimhae, Korea: Yeonji ParkWhile most people probably don’t head out of Busan to the nearby city of Gimhae unless they’re going to the airport located there, my in-laws live in that ‘burb so I am always on the lookout for places to go around town when my mother-in-law is not trying to fill our bellies.

On previous trips, we’d stumbled upon the dilapidated and abandoned Gaya Land Amusement Park, learned about the historical relevance of the area at King Suro’s Tomb and enjoyed Dongrimsa and Eunhasa Buddhist temples located nearby.

While there for Chuseok this past weekend, we decided to find a park so that the little one could enjoy some swings and we could enjoy the weather and we found Yeonji Park (연지공원).Gimhae, Korea: Yeonji Park

Gimhae, Korea: Yeonji Park

The park surrounds a lake with lotus flowers floating in the water. Two bridges take pedestrians out over the water and then back to the water’s edge and give wonderful views of the fountains that have been built in the water. Walking paths loop around the lake and benches are sporadically placed to give people a quiet rest when they’re not enjoying the quiet nature of the area. A rather large play area for children from quite small to the older ones that want to swing from the tops of anything they can find is also situated in the park. Numerous tall trees provide shade nearby and the entire place is a great area to enjoy a rest before you head out to visit some of the other attractions in the area.Gimhae, Korea: Yeonji ParkGimhae, Korea: Yeonji Park

There are some great hotels to stay in the area as a base for excursions in the area. Check out Pine Grove Hotel, ISquare Hotel or Pullman Ambassador Changwon for an amazing stay in the Gimhae area.

Gimhae, Korea: Yeonji Park

Yeonji Park (연지공원)

경상남도 김해시 내동

Nae-dong Gimhae-si Gyeongsangnam-do


by subway: Go to Yeonji Park Subway Station on the Busan Subway System and go out of exit 1 and walk straight. The exit will take you out to a sidewalk that goes along a stream, this stream runs parallel to the park. You’ll have to cross the street going away from the stream to find the park.

by bus: Buses 8, 58, 59, 100 and 127 all stop at the park.

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