June On The Go!

Mama dove back into working this month. I haven’t been a full time worker for at least a year and I wasn’t about to jump into that again, but I did start back with tutoring and a regular gig on Thursdays at a school. I’ve been doing editing work from home for a company for the past few months which will continue, but it’s nice to get out and do some work and socialize with other people. Don’t get me wrong, I love watching our little one grow and prosper and fall down and bump her head and all of the little things babies do, but I also like making money and being able to contribute to my family. I’ve been working since I was able to at fifteen and a half and I honestly like it. I also think it’s good for the husband to have some alone time with the wee one.mother and daughter

I’m sure everyone has heard of MERS by now and of course that had us wondering how Mother and daughtersafe it was to go outside at first. Luckily, when we went out we realized that everyone else was scared so the markets and everywhere else were almost devoid of people. Best timing ever to be out and about though we did take to washing our hands numerous times a day because the babe hasn’t really been introduced to all that many illnesses just yet. Are we still supposed to be worried? Not sure, but we’re just going with the flow over here and figuring if it’s not worse than the flu and we’re all healthy, we’re good to go.baby and father


While people aren’t going out due to MERS, I did realize that I have friends that are going out and that have stopped inviting me. I guess the invitations stopped sometime while I was pregnant to be fair, but in the hustle and bustle, I didn’t really notice until now. Is this why married people with babies hang out with other married people with babies? Single people or couples without babies don’t want to hang out with the babyfied of us? I’ll have you know, I can go out! My husband heads out with his friends every other week or so and I stay in while he has a good time, though not too good because you know, we wake up at 5am these days. Still though, he has a good time with his friends. Mine seem to presume that either I can’t go out so there’s no point in inviting me, or they just wait for me to invite them. It’s a two way street people. The baby and I like long walks on the beach, a stream, or near the river, taking naps in the house or outside and eating/ making a mess in any restaurant or cafe that will have us. Just saying. Without baby, I’m still just as capable as tossing back a few beers and chilling with the crew. Mommies like to have fun too.


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  1. mtanter says:

    I know what you mean, Hallie. It happens to most of us–people assume we can’t/don’t want to go out or they think all we’re going to talk about is the baby, and they don’t want to hear it. I’m sorry you’re feeling that, it’s not a nice feeling at all, but you will probably meet some other women who have children and even though you won’t lost your old friends completely, you might see a shift in who you hang out with. Interesting to see it happens in Korea just as it does in the States.

    • Hallie says:

      Thanks for the message Marcy. I used to see mothers with babies about the same age going for walks and thought, wow, how’d those friends have their babies so close to the same age. Now, I know they just befriended after having the baby most likely so they could relate to each other. Guess that’s something I have to look forward to. ^^

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