May On The Go!

May on the Go: BabyAt six months of age, the little one decided it was time to sit us down and have a discussion about her freedoms and rights. It’s that conversation that every parent dreads. She’s already deciding where and when she’ll sleep, but that’s just not enough for this independent go-getter. Now, what does she want? To move off of the play-mat and go on adventures. Of course, we were dubious at first and not quite sure if she was ready to step out on her own. We are caring and protective parents after all. But she has proven that there is really no stopping her and if she’s ready to go head first, literally and figuratively, into the next big crawl, then “have at it,” we said. She basically backed us into a corner… she’s become adept at wielding that walker of hers, and so we caved. Her new found scrunching of the nose whenever she’s excited or happy really has our hearts melting and she definitely used that to her advantage, not to mention she has been very open and accepting with the introduction of sweet potatoes and carrots this month so, we thought she deserved some trust on our parts.

That trust has brought with it the expected trials and tribulations. Yes, there have been some bumps into tables, chairs, the floor and a bucket that she is drawn to with no rhyme or reason. The bumps were followed by a few crocodile tears which easily dried up as soon as she was swooped up into my or my husband’s arms so perhaps she’s not so ready for the freedoms we’ve afforded her. Though, at the same time, as soon as she’s back on the floor again, yes, she basically lives on the floor, she’s back to her old games of adventure and licking or chewing on anything that she can get near her mouth.

Did I mention that she has also decided to befriend some questionable characters? I guess there’s no stopping who your child will befriend, is there? Not only are these characters older and extremely hairy, but they make noise and run around at all hours of the night. We’re, of course, concerned that the babe will learn some bad habits from these ruffians. She’s licking and biting her toes just like them now and tries to take the food right out of our hands just like them too. Not only are they rough housing, she pulls their tails and they run away, but she’s determined to pull herself onto the tower that only folks of their age are allowed to climb. I’m sure she hopes this friendship will last a lifetime and though they are suspicious of the younger tag-along that has adopted them, I’m sure they’ll cave as her cuteness develops.

In all seriousness though, we’re taking this little one out more to enjoy the world and partake in the delicious food we’ve missed out on the past few months that is not available for take-out or delivery and have come to discover that most restaurants in Korea are not equipped for families with babies. Where are the baby chairs?!?! Honestly. Do families with little ones just not go out? If they do, do they only go to sit on the floor restaurants? Of the four restaurants we stopped into recently, none had a baby seat. There’s one down the road from us that does, and that’s the only one I’ve seen equipped so far. The sit on the floor restaurant, which was good in theory, is extremely unfeasible with the new found urge to crawl she’s experiencing. Someone mentioned that Koreans with small babies just don’t go out to eat. This cannot be true… can it?

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4 Responses

    • Hallie says:

      ㅋㅋ 감사합니다 하지만 한국부모님들이 진짜 이렇게 해요?

      • damon says:

        haha…not sure about all parents, but my friend in seoul uses one that’s similar. but he does need to plan in advance whenever he wants to take his family out to eat.

        • Hallie says:

          Yeah exactly! I can’t carry that thing and push the stroller around at the same time. I’d really have to think ahead, put it in my car and drive wherever I wanted to eat. We tend to eat at restaurants we can walk to do it seems silly to do all of that.

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