March On The Go!

March On The Go: Flowers, Cherry Blossom, SpringMarch was warmly welcomed in our house as the sun started to shine brighter heating up the breezes that were blowing and the flowers finally started to blossom.

They blossomed just in time too because we headed to the States at the end of March, and are still here, to introduce the baby to our family overseas. The cats were separated and sent off to live with some friends for the month and while the one we had worried about, adapted smoothly, the one we thought would be fine, threw some hissing fits. Luckily, they’re both fine because as any pet owner knows, the last thing you want to hear while you’re away is that one of the furry members of your family isn’t adjusting and is missing you something fierce.

Before I headed out, I finished up an art piece for the upcoming Crazy Multiply Art Collective show called Archaioposterus. You can check out a weaving I did awhile back as well as get one of the little looms I made for people to weave at the show like my friend who popped over got to do. The show will be on April 11th and is sure to be an awesome mix of art, live music and craft beer. We were super excited to go through the submissions this month and find some crazily awesome art to showcase and couldn’t be happier with how everything has come together. I’m sad I’ll miss the show since I’m away, but I know the other collaborators will do her right. Check out the event page, if you have time!

So, here we are, enjoying family Stateside. See you at the end of April Korea!March On The Go: Baby March On The Go: BabyMarch On The Go: Baby

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