September On the Go!

Cooler breezes have blown in and the nights are getting chilly while the days still get pretty hot. It’s always rough dressing for such weather. I’ve constantly been putting layers on and taking layers off and I think being pregnant makes me extra hot so, this year dressing for this weather is even more difficult because usually I would be a bit chilly, but I’m suddenly hot when no one else seems to be these days. Only a month or so to go before we get to meet our little bundle of joy. Yesterday, she had her first hiccups, which meant my belly was bouncing up and down every 20 seconds or so for more than five minutes. It wasn’t the most comfortable feeling and too bad I couldn’t tell her how to hold her breath to get rid of them, but what an interesting thing. I’m not one of those women that thinks being pregnant is the such a beautiful, joyful or wondrous occasion. It just is what it is. The past few months of feeling her move and kick and everything else she’s been doing is just a collection of very strange sensations and yesterday was just another to add to the list. Very strange sensations.

September On the Go: Chuseok with friendsI took on a substitute job for a couple weeks at a community center near my house for a couple hours everyday. I hadn’t ever visited a community center while living in Korea. It was great. They offer so many different classes from yoga to English to ballet to math for all different age groups at a fraction of the cost of going to an English academy or going to a Yoga studio. Of course, everything is taught in Korean aside from the English classes, but the center is a great option for people that want to take up a class in their area and meet people from their neighborhood as well. It seems a lot of newer mothers take their little ones there too for introductory classes to different things to see what their children are interested in. Looks like I know where to go later to meet some other moms and babes.

This month we also celebrated Chuseok, the Korean Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, we couldn’t go down to Busan to be with the family due to my husband’s schedule. Fortunately though, quite of a few of his friends also couldn’t make the trip south so we invited them over for our own little friends Chuseok get together. I got to rest, along with the other girl in the photo as we’re both pregnant and just a couple weeks apart, while the guys all cooked up the grub. It was a very nice way to spend the holidays. If you’re an indie musician fan in Korea you ┬ámay recognize some faces. Yohan and Heullang of Pia came over and Taejin from Wiretap in My Ear/ Yeonnam-dong Dumb & Dumber along with my husband who is of course in Every Single Day. What a star studded event! (That was so sarcastic.)

This month, the doctor recommended that I try to take it easy a bit more and eat more protein because I’m not that big and neither is the little one inside of me. We’re just on the smaller end of the spectrum and the doctor said it’s nothing to worry about just yet, but if I can try to put on some more weight in the next month that’d be good. I’m a very active person so, taking it easy is quite difficult. If I have time to sit, I have time to do something more fun than sitting. My husband is much more concerned about this than I am as I always work along the thought that my body will tell me what it needs or wants. I think my husband is also just coming from a very Korean perspective that a pregnant woman in her 7th month shouldn’t be working whereas I figure this is the best time to work if I have the energy and the time. There was a compromise, hence my substitute job for just a couple hours a day and I took up a bunch of crafts to keep my fingers active when I was home so I’d feel busy when I was just sitting around the house the rest of the time.

I finished up knitting a blanket I had been working on for a few months. I hope that this will be our baby’s blankie. I then found some information on how to make my own bibs and sewed up 22 of them. I of course don’t need that many, but I know five women that are pregnant right now so, I have gifts to give them too. Then since I was on a roll, I made some new pillow covers for the pillows on our couch and found a pattern to knit up these adorable little baby booties. Now to find more little crafts I can dig into.

I hope I’ll be able to get out and about a bit this month to enjoy the Hi Seoul Festival and some other events before the baby comes, but we shall see. Just sixish more weeks to go!

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