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The Soul of Seoul Tours NotebooksLast month, The Soul of Seoul Blog launched The Soul of Seoul Tours. The tours are a joint effort between yours truly, Hallie, and a former teaching associate now turned business partner, Vanessa. What started as a friendship on a bus a ride with conversations on ideas and aspirations has turned into a full fledged business and we couldn’t be happier.

As most of my readers know, I have been living and teaching English in Seoul since 2006 and I love this place.

Things aren’t always easy and things aren’t always clean, but if you keep an optimistic view on life like I do, there’s always something to learn, something to enjoy and something to inspire.

I’m always out and about and I write about my trips and adventures in the hopes that others will heed my advice and step out on their own as well. Vanessa has been in Seoul since 2011 and is just as avid about showing off the Seoul that she loves as I am. Through our tours we want to introduce people to the idea of exploration. Some places can be daunting without the English signs or without a local to show the way, but they are not impossible.

On our two hour tours we walk people through neighborhoods they might not have gotten off of the subway to check out and while we walk we point out other places nearby they should come back to visit on their own or with a friend.

The Soul of Seoul Tours The Soul of Seoul Tours

Traditional markets with delicacies like spicy chicken feet, stuffed squid and pigs intestines like only Koreans could make it sit next to shopping complexes with all of your fashion needs. These places can be overwhelming and for those new to the city or those here for just a short time, we’re here to be trusty guides on the adventures that Seoul can provide. The back streets of the older neighborhoods can be confusing and visitors might get lost before they’ve even seen what they went for and that’s where we come to help.The Soul of Seoul Tours Hallie & VanessaWe are starting off with a couple routes now and hope to expand into some more very soon. Check out our website and if you’re visiting for a short trip and want a guide to show you around a bit or you live in Korea and have some family or friends coming to visit and want to point them in the direction of something to do while you’re at work, send them our way. We can’t wait to get out and about with some more great people and show them some great places around Seoul.

Let us be your trusty guides. ^^

The Soul of Seoul Tours

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