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Summer Waterfall of FlowersRocking Out with New Member Baby Announcement,This month has sure been exciting. Really, the past few months have been one big roller coaster, but this month, I finally announced on the blog and Facebook style that we are pregnant. It was great to finally let everyone know. Honestly, I had been telling people pretty much as soon as we had found out. How can people keep that secret? In Korea, it’s difficult to keep that secret. More difficult than back home I think. Here, dining is such a collective thing and if I was feeling nauseous at the sight of some dish and that was the only thing on the table, because we all order together here, our friends picked up on it. In Korea, friends also pour your alcoholic beverages for you. If he’s serving, you’re drinking. It’s hard to say “no thanks” without some particular reason and your friends want to know what that reason is. The news was spreading slowly but surely and finally a couple weeks into the second trimester we made it official and we are

The garden on the roof that we planted just last month is already getting out of hand. No, I should say it’s getting huge and giving us delicious veggies every day. The lettuce was the first to be ready. The tomato plants have little green ones starting and the zucchini has flowered and is now starting to grow too. The broccoli plants are huge and since I’ve never grown broccoli before, it’s pretty interesting watching those little guys… er big guys. Our peppers aren’t doing so well this year though. We had so many peppers last year so I’m not sure what’s going on with these plants. Maybe they’re just taking their sweet time to get started. We shall see.

I’m so excited to shed all of the layers and let the summer heat me up, though I’m already heating myself up. Now I know why pregnant women always have their coats open in the winter, they’re burning up from the inside out. Hot Hot Hot! But the flowers and the clear blue skies are very welcome. We even made our first sun tea of the summer! Warm and breezy.
Sun TeaI also got some new postcards made up. Spring just ushers in the creative spirit doesn’t it?HBM Postcards

The cats are also getting their summer cat nap routine started. The day starts out with cat naps in the windows in the sun and then when they get heated up, they move down onto the rug or in their little cat basket or under a blanket to cuddle together. But, oh the fur that is everywhere! Shedding is a mess.

Anyone have any tips for introducing your cuddly little cat friends to a new baby? Our babies, Mae and Meyo, are very loving with us, but not so much with other people. I’ll be reading up a lot on how to get everyone in happy harmony when the baby arrives, but if you’ve got some actual experience with this, give me a shout out. ^^

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