Bukchon Tea Houses & The Views

Bukchon Tea HouseSince Bukchon is known for the traditional Korean houses that line the streets, it’s not far fetched to see traditional tea houses, museums and other cultural experience places open to the public in the area.

Not all of the tea houses are completely traditional with sitting on the floor though, some are more popular for their views and their teas take a back seat to the open skies and Hanok style roofs that visitors can enjoy from above. One such tea house is the Tea Museum, 동양차문화관.Bukchon Tea House

Bukchon Tea House, Seoul KoreaSitting just above an Asian Art Museum, this tea house offers seats on an outdoor porch overlooking the Hanok houses that head toward Gyeongbukgung Palace as well as outdoor seats with views of the rolling mountain hills of the Bukhansan range in the back. Steps lead down to a pond and the layout of the cafe just asks visitors to explore. On rainy days, there are still plenty of seats inside surrounded by floor length windows on all sides still offering the spectacular views.Bukchon Tea House, Seoul Korea Bukchon Tea House, Seoul Korea

The prices of the teas are a bit more than normal, but you’re not paying for the tea as much as you’re paying for the view. If you’re out for a wander in the Bukchon area and need a rest, this is a great place to head toward. The owner says they can get a bit busy on Saturdays, but during the week, there’s hardly a soul around and the quiet area with the magnificent blues of the sky above and greens and browns of the area below make a perfect place to take a rest and enjoy some pleasant conversation.Bukchon Tea HouseBukchon Tea House

Tea Museum (동양차문화관)


35-91 Samcheong-dong Jongno-gu Seoul

서울 종로구 삼청동 35-91


10:00AM – 6:00PM

Phone Number: 02-723-0190

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