A Fried Food Lover’s Heaven

Gongdeok Jeon Town (공덕전타운) sits just a couple blocks out of Gongdeok Station exit 5 on the left just past Pig’s Feet, or Jokbal, Alley.

For those street food lovers, it’s heaven in an alley.

A row of display counters with every fried find under the sun sit waiting to be perused. Patrons can choose from a selection of fried veggies, fish and meat as well as Korean style pancakes, place them in one of the baskets at the beginning of the row and hand it to one of the women waiting nearby. They’ll fry the goods once more while visitors are directed upstairs to a table where they will be served. Gongdeok Jeon TownGongdeok Jeon TownGongdeok Jeon TownEverything from fried chilies, mushrooms, zucchini and sesame leaves for those veggie lovers to fried shrimp, abalone, crab along with mini kimchi pancakes, veggie pancakes and seafood pancakes can be found. Don’t be afraid to load up the basket provided with one or two of each for a taste test you won’t soon forget. Once upstairs and seated the table is set with kimchi, dipping sauce and soup to make it a complete meal. Servers are also standing by to serve makkoli, or rice wine, the most common beverage enjoyed with this kind of meal in Korea.Gongdeok Jeon TownGongdeok Jeon TownFor those people that love eating the fried goods from the street food carts but aren’t so excited to do it in below freezing temperatures this winter, this is the perfect place to head to with some friends. Be prepared to do a little waiting if you head there late in the night, or get their early and grab a seat to enjoy some good food and drink for a few hours.

Directions: Gongdeok Station, exit 5. Walk straight out of the exit, pass Jokbal Alley, or pig’s feet alley, just a block up and the next block is Gongdeok Jeon Town. Keep eyes and noses peeled to the left and you’ll be sure to spot it.

Cost: 3-4 people can easily eat for W15,000 – 20,000 + the cost of drink.

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  1. Oh. My. God. How on earth did I never hear about this place during FOUR YEARS IN KOREA?!?!? AHHHHHHH!!!!!! Seriously, I’m contemplating heading back to Korea for a week or so next year, and this is swaying me. I loves me some fried food and this…just…oh dear lord. I’m dying here. DYING.

  2. chinamatt says:

    I’m saving this for when I get to Korea in spring/summer. I should probably bring a defibrillator with me.

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