Apple Infused Makkoli, Oh My!

Almost every place in Korea has some special food they’re famous for, or at least the locals proclaim the fame, even if they’re the only ones to believe it. In Cheongsong, apples are the claim to fame, or one of many things that they proclaim, and boy are they truly delicious.

On the way to the Juwangsan National Park, some makkoli infused with the delicious apples, as well jujube and Korean bellflower root was spotted.

Across the country, it isn’t uncommon to see hikers partaking in a little makkoli time while on the mountain and hiking in this region with this specialty drink will definitely hit the spot.Juwangsan National ParkJuwangsan National ParkJuwangsan National Park

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  1. O..m..g… drool! This looks fabulous, and the colours are so vibrant! Also, thanks for letting me know that S.Korea has one of my favourite things on this planet: JuJubes! I thought they only grew in my country of origin (Croatia)… Miss these little ones so much haha.

    • Hallie says:

      There are jujubes all over at the farmers markets here. They’re often put into chicken stews. What do you usually make with them? I’ve never bought any for personal use, but keep thinking I should buy a bag and figure them out.

      • Oh my! I am so excited, you have no clue! I haven’t been able to find ANY fresh ones in Canada, only imported dried variations…As for their uses, we don’t mix them with main dishes… usually, we eat them raw as they are picked, but we also make jams, traditional liqueurs and alcohols, etc. They’re an extremely good natural remedy for persons suffering from all types of intestinal or gastric problems.. 🙂 They are also really strong in VitaminC. 🙂

        Try some!!!! Let me know what you think!

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