September On The Go!

Another month has come and gone. The tank tops and t-shirts of summer are about to be stowed to make room for the cardigans and sweaters of winter. I’m not ready to say goodbye to the summer colors, but I do love winter layering. To say  goodbye to summer and fall, I always plan a last picnic. Usually the last picnic is in October, but this October looks like it’ll be busy so we had our farewell this month. If there’s time in October, we may have a second installment, here’s hoping because I do love picnics. We ate pigs feet and saw some gorgeous cosmos flowers starting to bloom. It was obviously a bit too warm for a goodbye though as I was wearing a tank top and some super comfy overalls that won’t make it into the winter wardrobe.

I made my first soy candles, which were so easy, and hung the extra red peppers from our plants to dry and of course played with our cats. My husband was busy with concerts and more concerts and while he’s away Mae and Meyo seem to think I need some company in bed. I guess they’re trying to keep me warm? As cute as it is, I like to be able to move my legs and they just don’t allow that. I found some adorable ducklings on the stream that I walk along and after I took my pictures and sat down to watch them, just a foot away from them, I realized there was no mother to be seen and the mother that was hadn’t taught them to be afraid of people yet. I don’t want to think about what happened to them after I left. Also, isn’t it a bit late for ducklings… September?

Funny story: the mother of our “not a baby anymore” Mae is owned by some friends of ours that live down the street. The mother was originally a stray and they fed her for months outside of their house. When they realized she was pregnant, they took her in to care for her and eventually the babes that would come forth. The stray, of course, tore everything up as it wasn’t used to being a house cat and mewed at all hours of the day and night, but eventually she had those babies and we ended up with our boisterous and broken tailed Mae. After the kittens were all dispersed to happy friends they inadvertently let the mother cat out, which they had decided to keep long term, and wouldn’t you know it, she came back pregnant once more. They are first time cat owners and seem to have absolutely no knowledge of cat care, or necessary surgeries, so as humorous as it was when they told me, I hope they learn the lesson and take her to the vet after this round of kittens. The new litter is now roaming around the house and we went to see them… just SEE them. My husband really wanted to bring one home, by the way he brought the two we have home, neither was my decision, but I put my foot down at two. But they are adorable. For anyone in the Seoul/ Hongdae area that wants a kitten, and I mean really wants one that they will keep, let me know. Don’t take a kitten home expecting it to stay a kitten forever, and don’t take a kitten home knowing you’re going to leave in a year or two and not want to take it with you. They have feelings and they aren’t just play things you get on a whim.

Last but not least, I just got back from my first press tour! I will be blogging about that soon. It was such a great experience. I was with Charm Lee, a rather influential foreigner in Korea, and because he was there along with diplomats from various countries around the world we got gifts everywhere we went. I don’t think it’s the normal press tour, but I came back happy.

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