Find the Cosmos Now!

The fall flowers are abloom!

Find the nearest field of cosmos and go, go, and maybe go one more time before autumn ends and winter arrives. Autumn always ends much sooner than expected, so don’t waste any time. This plot of pink and white beauties was found on the north banks of the Han River to the west of the Mangwon swimming pool. Most of the picnickers in the area stay on the east side of the pool and completely miss the beautiful flowers, fountains and paths to the west. If you’re in the area it’s an ideal place to have a snack or a meal and soak up the end of the summer sun rays and see some beautiful posies.

Cosmos in the FallThere are fields of cosmos flowers all over the country and shouldn’t be too hard to find for those not in the Mangwon area though. One place to head is the Samcheok King’s Cosmos Festival out in Gangwon-do for a particularly large field of flowers and a festival to boot. I’ve seen the flowers lining streets in Suwon and Chuseok break had friends posting pictures of cosmos fields in Gyeongju, on the way out of the city to Incheon and in other parks in Seoul. Put on your tennis shoes, grab your camera and find them wherever you can before the pinks and yellows of summer fade and the whites, browns and greens take over for winter.Cosmos in the FallCosmos in the FallCosmos in the FallCosmos in the FallCosmos in the FallCosmos in the FallCosmos in the Fall

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  1. ukasyaAjou says:

    how to go here ? i mean the direction by subway or bus.

    • Hallie says:

      If you go out of Mapo-gu cheong Station exit 7 you should see a bike/walking path to your right down some steps. Go down onto the walking path and continue the same direction exit 7 had pointed you. This will lead you to the Han River. When you get to the river there will be a swimming pool on your left and this cosmos plot will be on the right. But it’s only there in the fall. ^^

  1. June 5, 2016

    […] yellow in the spring and then when they’re done and gone, the gardeners come in and plant the cosmos that will bloom at the end of the summer. This little one learned the word “flower” this spring and we’ve been having […]

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