Every Single Day Plays @ Jisan World Rock Festival

ESD @ Jisan

Love Stage, one of the three stages at Jisan World Rock Festival this year, hadn’t had nearly the crowds that the main stage had leading up to Every Single Day taking the stage at 4:30 but as their time neared and they stepped up to sound check the people emerged.

Their set included Echo from the recently popular Korean drama I Hear Your Voice, Lucky Day and Tik Tok from the first drama they wrote and produced music for Pasta and one of the big highlights of the show was Downpour, Sonagi (소나기) in Korean, from Cheongdamdong Alice in which they had the entire audience singing along.

ESD @ JisanThey played an acoustic set and along with the three members of Every Single Day, Sungnam Moon, Jae-oo Jeong and Hyo-Yung Kim were three guest musicians: Gyung-Chun Go was on the keyboard, Jae-Eun Hyun was on the violin and Moon-Gwun Jang played the bass. It was a fantastic set that had all in attendance dancing and singing along.

ESD @ Jisan

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