Ansan Valley Music Festival In Photos

I was lucky enough to have a chance to head to the Ansan Valley Rock Festival for free on Sunday and enjoyed every minute of it. We started the day out with my husband the guitarist of Every Single Day stepping in as the guitarist for Romantisco. Since Sung Hoon Choi of Romantisco makes all of the music himself when it comes to concerts he needs a little backup on stage to make for a good show. The show featured Sung Hoon on the synth, Jae-oo Jeong on the guitar, Esteem model Joon Young on vocals and Dong Yun Shin of Reflex on the drums. After they finished up their show, we headed into the crowds, who seemed to be covered by mud from the day before, to enjoy some music. We ate some great food and got to see Yellowcard one of my favorites from my time in high school and their show was still just as pleasing. It seemed they were honestly surprised that the crowd knew their songs and were genuinely thankful for the Korean welcome. Following that we caught Fun., The Foals, Guckkastan, and stayed late into the night with the amazing Nine Inch Nails. I love outdoor festivals and I’m pretty grateful that I got to see some awesome bands at this years Ansan Valley Rock Festival.

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