Where did I go!?

It’s been a busy few weeks and I haven’t worked out all of the kinks in my new schedule to find time to write. I started a new job at a university here (woo woo!), I’ll be sure to write a post about how that is going, traveled to Sydney, Australia to see my sister get married and was accepted into a group of 37 foreigners to volunteer and be representatives at the upcoming Lotus Lantern Festival and with that comes weekly training sessions through the month and into May. And that’s just me. Of course there is Jae-oo’s schedule to include, because he has had quite a few concerts to welcome spring and the upcoming concert season, known as summer to the rest of us, and I’ve attended all of them of course. We had friends over for dinner and attended a friend’s housewarming party, along with the normal dinners out with friends during the week in there too. I’ve decided to start baking and made my first sourdough bread and it was delightful. Yes, this is spring and just the beginning of an even busier summer to be sure. But I am oh so excited for oh so many things coming up.

This is a short but sweet “sorry, I’ve been away, but I’m coming back soon” blog post to those readers out there. And a few photos of those special and busy moments I’ve managed to capture on my phone the past few weeks.

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