Seonnyeo Rock Beach

Just around the bend from the more famous Eurwangli Beach and Wangsan Beach, sits the pleasantly quiet Seonnyeo Rock Beach (선녀바위). Saying it is rocky is no joke. There is a small, but nicely sandy area in the center flanked on either side with rocks, rocks and more rocks. When the tide goes out during the day one can go skipping and frolicking all around these rocks, or like the locals, grab a bag and a stick and go hunt around the rocks for crabs, shell fish and other sea goodies to eat later. Make sure to wear some good shoes as the rocks can be pretty sharp with all of the shells and sea things growing on them. Some rocks are big enough and flat enough to camp out on as well making for some great photo opportunities.

The beach gets its name from the most prominent rock that is shaped like a fairy. The story goes that when naval forces manned a defense station at Yeongjongjin, the commander had a beautiful mistress. Eventually the commander’s love for the mistress started waning and he started keeping his distance from her, which made her very upset. With nothing left to live for, she jumped into the ocean from a rock called Taepyeongam and drowned. No one was there to collect her body, so her body floated on the tide to Yongyudo Island. When the commander heard of the tragedy, he found her body and prepared her for burial. Later, locals started referring to the Taepyeongam Rock as the Seonnyeo, or fairy, rock and the hill nearby as Hogunje, or the commander’s hill. The rock is not labeled though, as apparently locals don’t want it to become a huge tourist draw so it may take a bit to find. Found or not, the beach is a great place to spend a weekend. There are a few restaurants in the area mainly serving cooked fish, raw fish, shellfish and one sort of random duck restaurant. Or it seemed all of the pensions and hotels in the area had their own cookout areas to cook the sea goodies found during the day at the beach. There are pensions and hotels scattered around as well so finding a place to stay for the night is pretty easy.

At night people camp out in tents on the beach, but be careful, the tide is very high and all of the rocks that can be seen during the day disappear into the water at night not to be seen again until the next day around noon. Sparklers are seen lighting up the night sky and fireworks are heard in the night. Everyone wraps up their parties at a reasonable time to get a good night’s sleep before the next day at the beach.


인천광역시 중구 을왕동

Incheon-si Jung-gu Eurwang-dong, Yongyudo Island


Buses: 202, 302, 306

In front of Incheon International Airport, get a bus headed for Eurwangri out exit 2 or 9 and get off at Yongyu Seonnyeo Beach. It’s about 20 minutes.

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