We are Lotte Giants Fans!

I’ve never been an avid sports fan. I enjoy going to a baseball game and eating hotdogs and feeling the spirit of a group of people together. I enjoy hearing the roar at a soccer game and then the quiet as a goal was just missed and then the roar as it is gained. Watching a game from the stands is one thing. It’s completely different to watch a game at home and maybe that’s why I’ve never gotten into it. The difference to me is that it’s not nearly as fun. However, since the start of my relationship with Jae-oo, who is an avid Busan Lotte Giants fan, during baseball season it’s been hard to pry him away from the television. Because of this I’ve taken to watching the games with him, or at the very least working on something else, but sitting in the same room. As he’s an avid fan, there’s shouting and yelling at the TV and friends invited over for parties devoted to the games and all of this has made me somewhat of an avid fan.

The Lotte Giants fans are intense and quite humorous. The first time I saw game I wondered why they were putting bags on their heads. Every other team seems to have some plastic noise maker or something to bang together and there’s the Lotte Giants fans with orange bags on their heads and handmade newspaper pom poms. I have to admit, they are the most eco-friendly fans in the country it seems. Jae-oo let me know that these bags are trash bags and after the game ends they are expected to put their trash in the bags and clean up the after themselves. WOW! Really? How nice of them.

I love that they do this and I love that they have their own songs. Other teams’ fans chant the cheers they are led in and wave their hands and make the noise but the Busan fans have a song that they sing at the end of every game. I haven’t heard other fans joining together in such tunes. It’s amazing to be a part of. Yes, I am learning the songs and I actually know the names of some of the players. I’m becoming an avid fan.



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