Postmodernism of the Beholder ~ Lee Jin Han Solo Exhibition

“I have a curious regard for the history of art. My painting practice is unusual in that, I seek to undermine both the Renaissance perspective and the flatness of Modernism by combing both.” Alternative Space Loop in Hongdae is currently exhibiting a very vibrantly colored display of works by artist Lee Jin Han. It’s a great space for the art and in a location surrounded by cafes so it should be enjoyed on any leisurely day spent in the Hongdae area in the near future. Born in 1982 and graduated from Hongik Unversity she has brought her work back to her alma mater. Lee Jin Han was a 2011 Finalist in the Young Artists Competition for Gallery Loop. She is currently studying in London and has had exhibitions in the U.K. and Korea.


“The Renaissance perspective deceives a viewer into thinking that they are looking at a ‘real’ world of objects in a space that meets at a central vanishing point. However, what the viewer really sees is a framed version or slice of the real world, a flat pictorial representation. I am lulled into believing that the scene on the painted surface on the flat object is the same as actually standing in front of that which is being depicted. With Modernist space, the picture plane is no longer a representation of a scene in the real world of objects, but becomes the object of contemplation itself.”


Landscape with a Spiderman

“By painting and applying masking tape, loud coloured ground and object allow for a floating signifier to pass across the surface, I juxtapose the Renaissance background space with its obvious vanishing point and a Modernist object as a digitalised pixel images or painterly gestures themselves.”

Within the Sky

Where: Alternative Space Loop

When: February 9, 2012- March 17, 2012

Time: Monday – Sunday 11AM – 8PM

Gallery Loop

Lee Jin Han Artist Website

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