Pasta made me want to eat pasta.

Recently reruns of the Korean drama Pasta have been on tv making the coming of spring that much more special. Last year Jae-oo Jung, my bf, and his partner in crime, er his bandmate, Sung-nam Moon both in the band Every Single Day, made and directed the music for this show. Basically because of that I sat through every episode. Luckily for me I LOVED it even though it made me want to constantly eat pasta for three months.

Right from the start I was gung-ho for the show because Sun-gyun Lee (이선균), the same actor from my first favorite, Korean drama Coffee Prince, was in it. I say my first favorite but it was really the only one previous to Pasta that I’d watched. I was even more excited for Pasta when I found out there was a wrap party at the end of the drama and I could go with Jae-oo and maybe get to take a picture with Sun-gyun Lee. And that is just what I did.

Recently I wrote a post about the drama My Princess and the afterparty I attended with Jae-oo for that show. There was a little backlash from the avid fans of Tae-hee Kim (김태희) and Seung-hun Song (송승헌) since I mentioned that they weren’t exactly sitting with the many staff needed to make a drama but in a seperate nook with their managers and so on for most of the time. The pictures the fans have seen from the afterparty show the two stars with everyone of course, but if you’d gone to the restaurant you’d know exactly what I was talking about. To be honest, the only comparison I have for the My Princess afterparty was the Pasta afterparty and at that party the two main actors didn’t have another room to even try to go into because it was just one big room. So, even if they had wanted to they couldn’t have gone behind any walls. That’s all I was suggesting. Either way the My Princess stars seem nice enough. I still have a bias towards the Pasta actors because they were the first I’d ever met. ^^ I also liked the Pasta storyline a bit better but maybe because it was more likely to actually happen, or because it was about food, who knows.

Sung-min Lee (이성민) who appeared in both Pasta and My Princess making him a known Korean actor in my short book of Korean actors I could remember names and faces of.

Alex, who I didn’t realize was from Canada and so could speak English perfectly.

Hyo-jin Kong (공효진), who I personally think is a great actress and maybe better than another actress who gets more fame. I also think she’s better looking than that same actress. But I’m a 외국 so what do I know? I probably shouldn’t even say that because those backlashing fans I spoke of earlier could come back with more messages on the subject. SORRY! It’s just my opinion.

Tae-hee Heo (허태희) another actor who was in both Pasta and My Princess.

Anyway, the recent reruns had me thinking about last year at this time and that made me smile.

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