Jindo Miracle Sea Road Spectacular!

Jindo Miracle Sea Parting Festival, KoreaJindo Miracle Sea Parting Festival, KoreaFor four years I’ve heard of this and four years it’s been during the week. No one has power over the seas after all so this festival was also during the week and thus as I work I couldn’t go. However, this year the seas were parting on the weekend and so I set out making plans to go. As the week neared news of the foot and mouth disease that is sweeping over the country of Korea spread and with it many festivals including this one was cancelled.

Luckily, this festival is centered on a happening that itself cannot be cancelled so I packed my bags, rented a car, phoned some friends and headed down anyway.Jindo Miracle Sea Parting Festival, Korea Jindo Miracle Sea Parting Festival, Korea Jindo Miracle Sea Parting Festival, Korea

The drive was faster than expected. This was the first time I rented a car and attempted driving in this country. Previous to this, trips included getting from my house to the bus or train station, waiting for the bus or train, taking the trip to chosen place and then arriving only to wait for yet another bus or taxi to take me where I want to go. With a car for transportation there was no waiting and what could have taken a day only took 5 and a half hours.Jindo Miracle Sea Parting Festival, Korea Jindo Miracle Sea Parting Festival, Korea Jindo Miracle Sea Parting Festival, Korea



Though the festival was cancelled some of the locals got together and set up anyway.

There was plenty of food, plenty of music and dance and plenty of good cheer to go around, along with a few cross dressing entertainers to keep the mood light and jovial.

Jindo Miracle Sea Parting Festival, Korea



Once a year the tides go low enough that a 2.8 kilometer 40 meter wide road appears Jindo Miracle Sea Parting Festival, Koreafrom Hoedong-ri, Gogun-myeon to Modo-ri, Uisin-myeon. Though the festival was cancelled there were still plenty of people there ready to walk out onto the miracle road. Most of the people were older Koreans who use this opportunity to dig up the shellfish who weren’t prepared to see the air yet. Then there were groups of other foreigners who had made their own ways down to this small little town. We were among them.
We bought some boots for W7,000 just in case and suited up to walk the 2.8 kilometer trip. We’d heard the water only recedes for about 45 minutes to an hour so the trip out can be a bit of a meander as long as the trip back is brisk so as not to get too wet.





If you missed it this year you should definitely look for this in the future. One great event to attend here in Korea.

Jindo Miracle Sea Parting Festival, Korea Jindo Miracle Sea Parting Festival, Korea


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  1. March 2, 2015

    […] Every few years this festivals falls on a weekend which means more of the working crowd can actually attend. Dependent on the rise and fall of the tides, this “miracle” has had similarities made between it and the Moses sea parting. It may not be that miraculous, but it is indeed exciting to walk from the mainland out to an island 2.8 kilometers away with a bunch of people in thigh high waders during this festival. Collecting shellfish and finding starfish along the way in the mounds of seaweed is pretty fun too. […]

  2. October 2, 2016

    […] The Korean version of the Moses sea parting takes place in Jindo each year and it is a must see. Jindo is the third largest island in Korea. The water parts and the masses of viewers pull up their thigh high waders, because it’s still a bit muddy and mushy, and head out to cross the 2.8 kilometers from the Jindo to a nearby island. While some head out with their buckets to collect the shellfish that just didn’t see the sea parting coming, others pick up their feet to get out to the island and back before the waters rise again 45 minutes later. It’s a great event on the southern coast of Korea complete with delicious fare, concerts and of course the coastal view. […]

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