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Exploring the Art of Japanese Comics Today. That’s what this exhibit is all about. I have to be honest I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I’ve seen some Japanese comics before but for some reason the amount of young girls in short skirts turned me off… until now. This exhibit showcases nine Japanese Manga artists: Matsumoto Taiyo, Number Five, Wakaki Tamiki, The World Only God Knows, Anno Moyoco, Sugar Sugar Rune, Harold Sakuishi, BECK, Igarashi Daisuke, Children of the Sea, Kyo Machiko, Sennen Gaho, Asano Inio Solanin, Kuramochi Fusako, Five Minutes from the Station, and Ninomiya Tomoko, Nodame Cantabile.

“The exhibition examines the artistic potential of Manga as well as its potential as a medium for communication.”

Even though I walked in not knowing what to expect I did manage to rustle up a couple Manga enthusiasts I call friends who also enjoyed it, which tells me it was good. I already thought it was good, but so did they, which means it really was. I’m quite an open mind when it comes to art. I don’t really like being told what I’m supposed to think, I just like to walk in and see what happens but having some enthusiasts who also enjoyed it says something.
The space is divided by different mediums, large drawings in some places and long curtains in another. The second floor was a bit confusing from my perspective the comics had been chopped up and put all over walls that intersected eachother and sent you into a small maze, so that I couldn’t really follow the story trying to be portrayed but I did appreciate the drawings in any case. I wasn’t much of a fan for Sugar Sugar Rune or the BECK sequences but Children of the Sea was amazing.

If you want to get out there the exhibit is being featured until February 13 on Artsonje Center. It was pretty easy to find it, out Anguk Station exit 1 about 470 meters as the website says, or for those Americans like me who don’t know a meter or 470 of them, walk to the first major road/street that is where the walls for Gyeongbukgung start, and turn right. Walk a short 5 to 10 minutes depending on your strolling speed and a tall four storyish building juts up with a large sign reading “Manga”. You’ve found it. Tickets are only W3,000. Enjoy.

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