The 63 Building: 63/100 from me

I guess since the 63 building is in every tourist guide there is when looking up Seoul attractions I expected more. Located on Yeoido Island this golden building shoots up 60 floors making it the tallest building in Korea, currently. Busan will have a taller building in the future, but right now, this one is taking the lead. Also, if you assumed this building was 63 floors as the name would suggest you would be wrong. They count the 3 floors in the basement just to throw people off, sneaky buggers.

Inside the 63 Building the tourist attractions include Sea World/Aquarium, Sky Art which is the top floor with glass all around to overlook the city, Art Hall, which is where the IMAX theater is, and a Wax Museum. Tickets are pretty expensive considering going to one of the Korean palaces only costs about W1,000. Sea World costs W15,000, Sky Art is at W12,000, IMAX is W12,000 and the Wax Museum is W14,000. If you want to hit all four it’s W38,000 or they have a Big 3 ticket which is W32,000 for any three of those mentioned. Oh, and if you wanted to go multiple times in one year you have the option of purchasing an Annual Pass for W70,000. I would have to say it wasn’t worth the price. On that note, one positive thing is that the do offer a free shuttle to the 63 building, which is not located directly near any subway stops. You can get one of these shuttles from Daebang Station out exit 6, Yeoinaru Station out exit 1, or Yeoido Station out exit 5.

We bought two tickets, one for Sky Art to actually use the height of this building to our advantage and see the views of the city from above and Sea World because my friends really like underwater creatures.

Sky Art on the top floor does put you up pretty high which is the Sky part and the Art part was a life and bio of Pablo Picasso on the central walls while you walked around looking out the windows on the outside. I had a bit of a problem figuring out how they were tying in Picasso with the views of Seoul and pretty much they weren’t. I suppose whoever designed the top floor imagined people were going to go there just for the views, and I’m fairly certain that’s why most people do go there, so the exhibit wasn’t getting as much attention as it probably should have. What do I look at? The sky and Seoul or Pablo Picasso smiling on the other wall?

After taking in the views and trying to have a conversation about art because Pablo Picasso works were staring us in the face we headed all the way down to the basement to see what this aquarium had to offer. They trick you by putting two huge shark models at the front entrance making you assume they must have some pretty big tanks with sharks inside. That’s not the case. The first two tanks were the best with a huge tortoise on one side and some penguins on the other. Both tanks clearly two small for these guys sadly.

After that the tanks get smaller and the fish do too. Some of them are pretty cool and colorful but the large ones have no where to go making it depressing. There are shows throughout the day the one we were in time for was the Synchronized swimming show. I feel there was a translation issue with this as there was only one swimmer so what she was to be synchronizing with we weren’t sure. She certainly wasn’t synchronized with the other fish who were just swimming in circles. In Korean it said swimming ballet. I think they should have stuck with that for the English as well since ballet can be done with only one.

Oh, but if you want some humor, the random items they’ve placed in the tanks is good for a chuckle. There was a snow globe with Africa inside one, some people with talking bubbles, an empty house, and the list goes on. Worth it? I’m not so sure.


영등포두 여의도동 60

60 Yeouido-dong Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Korea


Buses: 362, 261, 5633, 7611, 5534, 62

Free shuttle bus provided from: Picks up every 20 ~ 30 minutes starting from 9:00AM and ending just after 11:00PM.

Daebang Subway Station, exit 6. 40 meters towards Yeouido.

Yeouinaru Subway Station, exit 4. Next to Sambu Apartment Number 6, towards MBC.

Yeouido Subway Station, exit 5.

Saetgang Subway Station, exit 1. 10 meters towards Yeouido Station.


63 SeaWorld: Adults (20~): W19,000; Children, Youth & Seniors: W16,000

63 SkyArt: Adults (20~): W12,000; Children, Youth & Seniors: W11,000

63 IMAX: Adults (20~): W12,000; Children, Youth & Seniors: W11,000

63 Art Hall: Adults (20~): W40,000; Children, Youth & Seniors: W36,000

63 Wax Museum: Adults (20~): W14,000; Children, Youth & Seniors: W13,000

Package Discounts: Check their site for more information.


63 SeaWorld: Monday ~ Friday: 10:00AM – 10:00PM. (Last entry at 9:30PM)

63 SkyArt: Monday ~ Friday: 10:00AM – 10:00PM. (Last entry at 9:30PM)

63 IMAX: Monday ~ Friday: Shows start at 10:00AM and start every 50 minutes thereafter. Last show is at 5:30PM.

63 Art Hall: Tuesday ~ Sunday: 8:00PM – 9:10PM (Children under the age of 4 are not permitted in the shows.)

63 Wax Museum: Monday ~ Friday: 10:00AM – 10:00PM. (Last entry at 9:30PM)


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